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Safe, quality, durable, effective

Aegis Antimicrobial was invented, developed and is still manufactured in the state-of-the-art facilities of Dow Corning U.S.A

More than thirty years ago, the need for an antimicrobial that did not leach into the environment was recognised by the scientists at Dow Corning Corporation. These scientists discovered the AEGIS Antimicrobial technology. Today, most people agree that controlling both microbial growth and environmental sensitivity are important. The Aegis Antimicrobial delivers on both accounts and is truly unique.

  • It's decomposition products are no more harmful than sand
  • It controls microbial growth without the use of heavy metals, silver, triclosan or other leaching/poisonous chemicals
  • It provides durable antimicrobial protection
  • It provides an environment that doesn't promote the formation of adaptive organisms (Superbugs)
  • It provides bacterial and mould protection, safe enough to wear.

Aegis is non-toxic. It does not off-gas, leach, diffuse, migrate or volatilise and it does not leave the surface it has been applied to.

Conventional antimicrobial sanitisers and disinfectants are designed to diffuse, and be absorbed by, micro-organisms to poison and cause fatal mutations.

These poisons can also leach dangerous toxins into the environment and can have a lethal effect on humans, wildlife and our planet. Most current cleaning methods wipe the germs from one place to another, then wash some of them away, along with the poisonous chemicals, into our waterways. The treated surface is ready to be infected again almost immediately.

This can lead to microbe resistance and adaptations, which cause mutations into "SUPERBUGS". 'Superbugs' are bugs that any of us can generate and transmit, and can be unresponsive to known antibiotic or antimicrobial treatments (other than Aegis).

A well-known multi-resistant bacterium becoming more widespread today is MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and we all have a responsibility to prevent its devastating effects, such as critical illnesses, which can result in limb amputations, other infectious diseases, or even death.