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Applied Science Ltd is professionally trained in the application of "Aegis Antimicrobial Protection"

You cannot buy Aegis; it is available through a professional application only. If you want the world's most advanced antimicrobial/germ protection for your home or facility - please give us a call for a no-obligation assessment and quote.

Many businesses internationally have even covered the investment by reductions in staff illnesses and absenteeism.

  • We economically apply Aegis by using a technically advanced electrostatic spray system, this allows Aegis to be applied to areas usually not thought possible to clean or apply antimicrobial products.
  • We can apply an antimicrobial solution to practically every square millimetre of any facility.
  • We can apply Aegis at a time that suits you and your business.
  • We can help in the reduction of the poisonous and environmentally harmful chemicals you may currently be using.
  • We can help you prove to your staff and customers that you really do care about them.
  • We can leave visual evidence (stickers) on particular surfaces to show you care.

Aegis Antimicrobial is for outdoor and indoor environmental quality. Aegis Antimicrobial Protection is beneficial for any type of surface/substrate in any type of structure/facility; whether it is a kennel, tent, cruise liner, laboratory, clothing, passenger aircraft or just your home... we can help.

If you are an asthma sufferer, allergy sufferer, have a respiratory illness or have reactions to various indoor environmentsÖ you should call us. Aegis Antimicrobial can be beneficial to many sufferers of various ailments relating to IEQ (Indoor-Environmental-Quality) including SBS (Sick-Building-Syndrome) or even dust-mites.

After a flood or leak, call us because your problems might just be about to get whole lot worse without microbial growth protection. It is after the clean-up when the microbial growth and contamination can happen. We can help.

If something doesn't smell right in your facility, it probably isn't right! You may have an invisible bacterial, fungus, mould, algae, mildew or yeast infestation that can have debilitating affects on you, your staff or family. If you own the building or have control over the hygiene standards, you may even be legally liable.

Micro-organisms have no preference as to whom or what they attack or what damage they cause. And YES, they can kill you.

Call us now for a no-obligation quote or even a chat. TEL: 022 NOGERMS (6643767)

Aegis Antimicrobial... Helping protect your public responsibility.