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The world's most advanced antimicrobial technology - AEGIS ANTIMICROBIAL

Revolutionary environmentally friendly technology for germ protection

Aegis Antimicrobial is unique in its application and performance. It does not poison microorganisms, you or the environment. Aegis works in a totally different way from conventional poisonous anti-microbial products. It covalently bonds a permanent positively charged polymer to the treated surface, like a thin layer of swords. When microbes come in contact with the Aegis treated surface, the quaternary amine "sword" (pictured) punctures the cell membrane and the positive nitrogen molecule "electrocutes" the cell and blows it apart, for a dependable kill.

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Aegis is a permanent antimicrobial that becomes part of the molecular structure of the surface it has been applied to, acting out its role for your protection 24/7, 365 days a year.